Spectrum Markets sets several records in February

Spectrum Markets increased its trading volume for five consecutive months of full trading. In February this year 20.7 million securitised derivatives were traded. This represents a 60.7% increase over the previous month and sets a record.

With over four million securitised derivatives traded on a single day, Spectrum Markets set a second record in February.

The share of out-of-hours trading (i.e. 1730-0900) was 40%, that’s a rise of three percentage points compared to January 2020.

Another remarkable development in February was the increase of the average ticket size by 70% over January which reached its highest value yet, despite rising turmoil on global financial markets. That underlines that retail investors’ confidence in Spectrum Markets as a trading venue increases. The venue’s technology has proven to be reliable during volatile times and to be able to manage demand peaks.

The breakdown of trading volume of securitised derivatives in February is as follows: 85.6% is attributable to indices (January: 84.8%), 6.8% to FX (January: 9.2%) and 7.5% to commodities (January: 6%).

The top traded underlyings were DAX with a share of 42%, followed by the S&P 500 with 16% and the OMX with a share of 9%. The Swedish lead indices OMX was the first time among the monthly top three traded underlyings. All 20 underlyings have been traded in February (overview).

Spectrum Markets is a pan-European marketplace where retail investors can invest in structured products. Since its launch, the products are available in the following ten countries: Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Norway, The Netherlands, Ireland, Finland and Belgium.

About Spectrum Markets

Spectrum Markets is the trading name of Spectrum MTF Operator GmbH. Headquartered in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, it is a pan-European trading venue for structured derivatives, offering a new way of dealing for the European retail market. The platform is designed to allow banks and brokers and their retail clients 24/5 trading services based on a transparent order book including pre- and post-trade information. Spectrum Markets' multilateral trading facility already offers a wide range of 'turbo24' products on indices, currencies and commodities and will be extended to other product classes in the near future. Please find further information under spectrum-markets.com

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